‘Golden Haired Boy’ by William Frater. 1954.
‘Bald Headed Photographer’ by Rod Coats. 2011.

Dr Tronn Overend is the ‘favourite fourth son’ of Best and Bernice Overend. Born in 1950, he was educated at Wesley College, Melbourne. In 1971 he graduated from The University of New England, with majors in Philosophy and Sociology. In 1972 he received First Class Honours in Sociology. His Doctorate was conferred, in 1979, by LaTrobe University, where he tutored in The Department of Sociology  for nine years.  The author of Social Idealism and the Problem of Objectivity (Queensland University Press, 1983), he is also the author of numerous articles in leading International Journals on Social Theory and the Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Extracts from Tramp to Shanghai have been published in Quadrant, along with other contributions in the field of aesthetics. His most recent work on aesthetics has been published in The Fortnightly Review.  He is married to Elizabeth Corrigan. They have a Boxer, a Spoodle, and three children.

Tronn Overend can be contacted at: tronnoverend@gmail.com