The Beginning and The End of Art.

The Beginning of Art:

Venus of Lespugue. Carved mammoth ivory. France. Gravettian Period. 26,000 to 24,000 BCE. Cast of the original exhibited at MONA – On The Origin of Art – 2016-2017.
Spear-thrower. France. c 13,000 BCE. Carved from reindeer antler. Copy cast for MONA exhibition -On The Origin of Art – 2016-2017

The End of Art:

Marcel Duchamp. Fountain . 1917. A 1950 edition of the lost original . Art Gallery of NSW. Exhibition. The Essential Duchamp. 2019.
Onement 111. 1949. Exhibited at MoMA at NGV. 2018.

The Beginning And The End of Art

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Published in The Fortnightly Review. March. 2019